Louis van Gaal stunts with Telstar

The evening would be really great if it were won, said Louis van Gaal about his one-time trip as coach of Telstar. Van Gaal's influence was not without result, as Telstar won 1-0 against (former) number 1 Jong AZ. MPM as a proud sponsor is very pleased with the outcome of the match and the influence of Van Gaal.

Van Gaal was on the field at Telstar today for a training session ahead of the game against frontrunner Jong AZ, where he will be on the bench as head coach on Friday. It's half-time in Velsen and Telstar leads 1-0 thanks to Glynor Plet. The 34-year-old captain of the home team was good for 19 goals last season and has already scored three this season. Coach Andries Jonker, coach of Telstar, took a step back for the occasion. Van Gaal himself played for Telstar in 1977/1978.

Towards the end of the match I became cheerful," said Louis van Gaal. After the final whistle, Van Gaal joined the Telstar players smiling to thank the fans. 'During the match we were able to change systems and I think that's also clever. I think we deserved to win’, said Van Gaal.

MPM wishes Telstar good luck in the upcoming matches and congratulates the team with the great result.

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