MPM Bag-in-Box packaging

The new MPM 'Bag-in-Box' packaging of 20 liters is designed to offer the workshop an environmentally friendly alternative to the current traditional plastic packaging.

Environment and recycling

The box of the Bag-in-Box is made from original cardboard where no additional dyes and bleaches are used. This ensures a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process and the MPM Bag-in-Box packaging is therefore 100% recyclable. After use, the box can be disposed of as waste paper and the plastic bag as residual waste.
Empty Bag-in-Box packaging can easily be compressed and as a result, they take up to 90% less transport space. This reduces the environmental impact of the MPM Bag-in-Box even further.

Leak-proof faucet

The Bag-in-Box has a unique design faucet. This faucet is leak-proof and does not drip after.

MPM racks

The MPM Bag-in-Box fits perfectly into your existing MPM racks (E3012L/ E4020L/ E4040L/ 4060L).

Exceptionally rigid packaging

MPM uses exceptionally sturdy cardboard for the Bag-in-Box packaging, minimising the risk of sagging. On top of that, the packaging is equipped with integrated handles.

Article number

As you have come to expect from MPM, we incorporate the volume into the item number. With the current plastic cans, the digits of the item number always end in '020'. Whereas with the equivalent in the new Bag-in-Box, the '0' is replaced with 'B'. For example:

  • 05020PC - Motor Oil 0W-30 Premium Synthetic PC (Plastic 20ltr)
  • 05B20PC - Motor Oil 0W-30 Premium Synthetic PC (Bag-in-Box 20ltr)

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