Fuel additive MPM Complete Diesel System Treatment

Fuel additive: MPM Complete Diesel System Treatment, a proven product that perfectly cleans and maintains diesel fuel systems.

What does MPM Complete Diesel Treatment do?

MPM Complete Diesel System Treatment has no equal when it comes to keeping diesel fuel injectors clean and removing deposits that have already formed. Today's modern diesel engines with common rail injection systems are more sensitive to engine and injector deposits. Dirty injectors reduce the flow of diesel and lead to faulty injection patterns. This results in lower engine power, higher fuel consumption, lubrication problems, unwanted deposits and an increase in harmful exhaust emissions, among other problems. Independent tests have proven the exceptional properties of MPM Complete Diesel System Treatment for cleaning systems and keeping them clean, even for fuels with an added bio-component of up to 10% (in the Netherlands, the bio-component of B7 diesel is currently 7%).

Cleaning performance:

An international standardized test (the CEC F-98-08 [DW-10]: Direct Injection, Common Rail Diesel Engine Nozzle Coking Test) has shown that MPM Complete Diesel System Treatment cleans contaminated injectors so they look like new!

Engine power at 4000 RPM
Close-up photo: Injector before addition of cleaner
Close-up photo: Injector after addition of cleaner
Engine running time, hours
  • With MPM Complete Diesel System Treatment cleaner
  • Without MPM Complete Diesel System Treatment cleaner

Reduction in fuel consumption:

Field tests conducted with diesel vehicles using MPM Complete Diesel System Treatment have shown a decrease in fuel consumption and an increase in power.

Fuel economy Engine Power Improvement

Clean injectors:

Besides cleaning contaminated injectors, MPM Complete Diesel System Treatment also keeps injectors clean. Basically, this means that no new deposits form in the injectors’ very narrow channels.

In many countries, it’s compulsory to add a bio component to modern diesel fuel. The percentage added has steadily increased in recent years. In the Netherlands, these bio components are often made from discarded cooking oil and, since the required percentage has increased, a clear rise in the amount of contaminations and/or deposits on injectors has been observed. This causes various problems.

Adding MPM Complete Diesel System Treatment to diesel fuel that has a bio component of up to 10% prevents the formation of deposits.

Corrosion protection:

MPM Complete Diesel System Treatment contains a corrosion inhibitor. This inhibiting component protects metal parts in the fuel system from corrosion by forming a protective layer that acts as a barrier between the fuel and metal parts.

With MPM Complete Diesel System Treatment cleaner

Without MPM Complete Diesel System Treatment cleaner

For which diesel engines is the treatment suitable?

For which diesel engines is the treatment suitable? MPM Complete Diesel System Treatment can be used in all types of diesel injection systems, including common-rail systems.

For technical questions:

Please contact MPM Technical Support.

In short:

Modern diesel engines are sensitive to the quality of the diesel fuel they consume. Common use has shown that adding a bio-component to diesel — an obligatory practice in most countries today — affects the quality of the fuel and puts the fuel injection system at risk. It’s very important that the injectors remain clean in order to maximize the efficiency of fuel combustion. Dirty injectors are the cause of many problems, such as deposits ("coking"), lubrication problems, and the unnecessary emission of harmful products. Besides keeping injectors clean, it’s also important to prevent corrosion in the fuel system. Adding MPM Complete Diesel System Treatment to diesel fuel at every service prevents unnecessary contamination of the fuel injectors and corrosion of the entire fuel system, limiting damage.

Tips for the workshop:

  • Modern diesel fuel (bio and otherwise) puts the fuel system at a higher risk of contamination and damage, with the injectors being particularly vulnerable.
  • Dirty or incorrectly functioning fuel injectors can cause all kinds of problems, such as:
    • improper idling,
    • the failure of a cylinder,
    • poor starting,
    • higher emissions, and
    • severe engine damage, such as melted pistons.
  • To avoid problems and damage, add MPM CompleteDiesel System Treatment to your diesel fuel with each service.
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